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LANGUAGE MATTERS - India Language and Diabetes

This guide provides practical examples of language that will encourage positive interactions with people living with diabetes and subsequently positive outcomes.
Language Matters

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LANGUAGE MATTERS - India Language and Diabetes

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Diabetic Diet

India is home to a billion people with a vast cultural and regional diversity. A host of rituals and traditions are observed in the country and the Indian diet varies according to the codes of fasting and feasting of different communities.


For Good Health's Sake - Run, Jump , Shake And Calculate

Managing you diabetes does not have be a Science when it can just be a simple risk assessment and analysis. You can take charge of your health by educating yourself about the factors that put you at risk.

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Exercise…To Run Away From Diabetes !!

Losing your extra inches will go a long way in lowering your blood sugar levels. Don’t find excuses, find the time to exercise. Act now for a better tomorrow.

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Food Receipes For Diabetes

Cauliflower Paratha     Cucumber Raita     Dal Makhani     Moong Dal Dosa     Palak Khadi
Rava Dhokla     Sambar     South Indian Coconut Chutney     Spiced Chick Peas     Vegetable Pulao

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Diabetes and Fasting

Fasting is an important spiritual practice taking place all across India in different religions.Fasting may have a direct impact on blood glucose levels in a way that can make a diabetes patients feel very unwell. Read along if you are wondering how fasting will affect your diabetes. Read More..

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Diabetes and Children

Diabetes is a disorder that disrupts the way a person’s body uses sugar. This causes sugar to build up in the blood. Diabetes is also called “diabetes mellitus.”Most children with diabetes lead healthy and active lives. Over time, they learn how to take care of their diabetes on their own. Read More..

Diabetes and Infection

It is a well-established fact that diabetics are more prone to developing infections and delayed healing. When you have diabetes, you need to keep your guard up and try to steer clear of infections which can be avoided with some timely measures. Read More..